Feral Productions
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Feral brings fresh perspective to familiar environments.

Giving voice to the essence of place through site-specific, multi-sensory productions.

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Hush Now

Hidden Women

28th May – 1st June


Feral pioneers site-inspired performance that is Made In Herefordshire yet resonates with national and international audiences.

New Productions

Hush Now

An ambitious countywide series of digital and live performances that will give voice to the unmarried mothers who were stigmatised and hidden away in Magdalene Homes across Herefordshire.


A showing of new work that pushes writer, performer and audience beyond the cosy confines of the auditorium as we take possession of the Courtyard and beyond.


The third in the River Song trilogy, Back To The Source is a creative heritage project for children, their families and the general public of Hereford that will focus on the history and evolution of the area around the Old Bridge, celebrating this transformation through theatrical song and performance.

Follow Me

Follow Me breathes new life into Feral’s legendary RNC wellbeing production. The show toured to libraries in Herefordshire and the Forest of Dean and is a reshaping of Feral’s production “Shattered”.

Classes & Education


Writing Room

As part of the brand new Courtyard/Feral Productions partnership, the Writing Room aims to fully drive new writing to the forefront of the Herefordshire arts scene.

Reading Room

Reading scripts of all varieties, exploring the text, production and further discussion
Sessions this term will be run by Estelle Van Warmelo.

Reading Room Extra

The Performers’ group – Reading scripts with a focus on sight-reading, vocal performance and direction.


We work in both primary and secondary levels to develop creativity and performance skills. This ranges from one-off workshops to full performances.


Feral…expands the idea of what drama is and demonstrates how exciting theatre can be when the people behind it are committed to thinking outside the box.

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