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Back to the source

The third in the River Song trilogy, Back To The Source is a creative heritage project for children, their families and the general public of Hereford that will focus on the history and evolution of the area around the Old Bridge, celebrating this transformation through theatrical song and performance.

6th November - 7th November 2018

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Riversong began in 2016…

as a creative exploration of river-related society and the characters within that demographic using the river as a metaphor and travelling as an audience from 'the source to the sea'.

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Last year’s “If These Stones Could Speak”…

followed the journey of a pebble thrown into the water, covering the geographic strata and wildlife that the pebble encountered on its slow tumble down to the river bed.

Absolutely enchanting
— audience member from ‘If These Stones Could Speak’
So imaginative
— audience member from ‘The Beginning’

In association with Left Bank, The Courtyard, Stretton Sugwas Primary and The RNC.

Supported by Hereford City Council and the Herefordshire Community Foundation.

Written by Estelle van Warmelo
Directed by Rachel Lambert
Music by Livi van Warmelo