Feral Productions

Hush Now

An ambitious countywide series of digital and live performances that will give voice to the unmarried mothers who were stigmatised and hidden away in Magdalene Homes across Herefordshire.

28th May – 1st June 2019


Unmarried mothers. Hidden women’s voices heard.

Brand new theatre and site specific performances behind the doors of Herefordshire’s Magdalene Homes.

Not just an Irish story.

Hush Now by poet and playwright Sara-Jane Arbury

The Powell Theatre

Hereford 28th May – 1st June 2019

#hiddenwomen2019 #HfdsCulture


Nine women sing the unsung stories of Herefordshire’s mother and baby


Flinging wide the closed doors, heard and seen at last, they are invited to a gathering that finally brings them home.

Director - Estelle Van Warmelo

Writer - Sara-Jane Arbury

Composer - Olivia Preye

Supported by the Herefordshire’s a Great Place project.


In association with the Courtyard arts centre