Feral Productions

7 Airs

A series of site-specific events presented by Feral Productions and The Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Ledbury Poetry Festival

July 2017


Ground-breaking performance…

combining physical theatre, music and poetry spanning the various stages of life. Each venue reflects a separate age and links to a European equivalent, two poets create one piece, connecting through the air as they breathe in two countries.

Quite extraordinary. What a day. I am transported and speechless.
— Audience member

Directed by Rachel Lambert & Estelle van Warmelo

Music by Kim Humphreys, Jenny-May While, Leo More, Karen Curry and Livi van Warmelo
Performed by Emily Connor, Michael Nelson, Erica Grant, Ben Mowbray and Adrian Shakeshaft
With Ledbury Community Choir, Feral Community Choir, Leadon Bank and the children of Eastnor Primary School and Ledbury Primary School, Mal Hughes and Sue Hughes

Supported by Arts Council England, The Courtyard, Ernest Cook Trust, The Herefordshire Community Foundation, RNC.