Feral Productions

11 Short Pieces

…from local playwrights attending Feral’s Writing Room.

Courtyard Theatre, Hereford

February 2018

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With the brand new Courtyard & Feral partnership…

the newly relaunched Writing Room aims to push new writing to the forefront of the Herefordshire arts scene.

Exciting new writing from Herefordshire

Directed by Tim Evans

Writers: Malcolm Whitehead, Trudie Wingfield, Dan Pegler, Ian Kendall, Karen Curry, Susan Ffrench, Gill Parsons, Tony Hobbs, Alison Leigh, David Pollard, Mary Davis, Marie Westcott

Performed by: Rich Monk, Vey Straker, Kate Pothecary, Robert Traynor, David Thomas, Marie Westcott, Jennifer Booton

In association with The Courtyard, and Powerhouse.