Touring And Transformation


2018 – The Year We Learned About Touring And Were Told We Were Transformative

Earlier this year under the guiding hand of our no-messing mentor Andrew Siddall we took our well-being piece Follow Me, bundled the whole show neatly into various vehicles and scooted off into the libraries, halls and marquees of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Hay with a small-but-perfectly-formed-first-ever-full-Feral tour…

Armed with blindfolds, minirigs, frankincense, spray guns and bottles of pop we presented this heart-warming work to audiences large and small, young and old. The beauty of live performance of course is that each occasion is unique and even with the consistency of a pre-recorded sound design the personal interaction on this piece brings an unprecedented level of connection with the audience that is intimate and rewarding. It takes immense sensitivity to deliver the performance but invites a profound level of trust from recipients too.

Repeatedly, we were touched by the degree to which we were entrusted with the blindfold recipients’ experience and the overwhelming responses that resulted from that trust. On more than one occasion the event was described as ‘transformative art’…

We liked that. And we intend to do more. 

Having lost a core member of our team last year, it seemed fitting to mark his passing by dedicating the tour to our original Sandman and there was a concurrent collection for The Alex Evans Fund – a fund set up in his memory to support young performers struggling with mental wellbeing. For more information or to make a donation please follow this link

Tim Evans